Margot is an excellent editor. She was able to push me (and I am difficult to push!) to rewrite and improve throughout the editing process. I am eternally grateful to her commitment to holding me to high standards and because of her, I can say that I am proud of the final product.

I can recommend Margot in any endeavor that she undertakes; she is a pleasure to work with.
— Betty Shotton, author of Liftoff Leadership, CEO, Liftoff Leadership, LLC


There are many different types of editing, and each project requires something different. Below, you can find a rough guide of the different categories, but we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your project and get an estimate.


Manuscript Assessment

Margot will read your manuscript and write a detailed letter about how to improve it, focusing on overarching issues such as plot, pacing, character, and the ending, as well as recurring stylistic issues. For non-fiction, the letter will focus on structure, effectiveness (whether the book’s argument is made convincingly), whether the author seems authoritative, and other critical issues. This option also includes a phone call after the author has read the letter to clarify any questions and help the author determine how to implement the suggestions.

Developmental Edit

This will include a detailed manuscript assessment letter, but will also include a fully marked-up manuscript. Margot will call attention to any issues and suggest where and how edits should be made. This option also includes a phone call to clarify any questions the author has and help the author determine how to implement the suggestions. Can be paired with a line edit.

Line Edit

This edit focuses on the manuscript at the sentence level, focusing on style, dialogue, word choice, and other issues that will significantly impact the reader’s experience of the book.

Copy Edit

This edit prepares a polished manuscript to be typeset or published. It focuses on spelling, punctuation, grammatical issues, and consistency. 


Margot Atwell possesses outstanding business knowledge, clear vision, literary background and marketing savvy. She has built a distinguished career as an editor, publisher and consultant and has long been recognized as an outstanding professional in her field.
— Irena Chalmers, author of Round the World Cookbooks (8 million sold), Food Jobs, Great Food Jobs II, and many others


Publishing Assessment

After reading the manuscript and discussing the author’s goals for publishing the book, Margot will make a recommendation about what course to pursue—whether to look for a literary agent and pursue publication at a major publishing house, reach out to smaller, more niche-oriented publishers, or self-publish using one of the many options available (small runs, POD, e-only or e-first, etc).

Publishing Plan

Starting with a publishing assessment, Margot will build on that and help you create a plan for publishing and promoting your book. Includes a detailed marketing and publicity plan, and can even include writing a press release, if desired.

Margot is always prompt, professional and positive, and continues to work personally with me on planning and marketing strategies. She has also repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the sustained long-term success of my book. What more could an author ask for?
— Susan Biali, MD, author of Live a Life You Love


Margot is a writer of articles, books, web site copy, and many other types of work. She'd be glad to discuss a specific project with you. 


Margot would be thrilled to help you design a custom marketing plan for your book. 


For a cost estimate, please send some information about your project, what kind of edit or service you would like, and what your timeline is, to