"Margot Atwell possesses outstanding business knowledge, clear vision, literary background and marketing savvy. She has built a distinguished career as an editor, publisher and consultant and has long been recognized as an outstanding professional in her field.

Ms. Atwell thoughtfully and sensitively guides her manuscripts through each stage of the publishing process. Many of her award-winning books have soared onto best-seller lists. 
Above all, Margot has earned the respect, admiration and affection of her colleagues and her authors."

Irena Chalmers, author of Round the World Cookbooks (8 million sold),

Food Jobs, Great Food Jobs II, and many others

"Margot painstakingly and gently edited my book, Live a Life You Love, through multiple revisions, consistently offering excellent feedback and insights.  She is always prompt, professional and positive, and continues to work personally with me on planning and marketing strategies.  She has also repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the sustained long-term success of my book. What more could an author ask for?

After comparing notes with other authors who have worked with a variety of publishers and editors, I have concluded that Margot is a category of one in the publishing industry.”

Susan Biali, MD, author of Live a Life You Love

“As an author, I have worked with several publishers and editors.  Without question, Margot Atwell is at the top of my list of favorites. As an editor, she amazed me at how quickly and easily she worked out awkward or difficult passages; I always wondered why I could not have done it.  She knows correct grammar, has a diverse vocabulary, and knows how to arrange words so that people will read and understand.  

She is a tireless worker who pays no attention to the clock—when a job needs to get finished, rest assured it will be completed on time.  And Margot is impeccably honest.  What she says is the way things are.  You can count on Margot to give you her professional opinion, even if she knows you may not agree. She is, in my opinion, one of the best publishers and editors in the publishing business.”

William B. Bradshaw, author of The Big Ten of Grammar

"Margot is an excellent editor. She was able to push me (and I am difficult to push!) to rewrite and improve throughout the editing process. I am eternally grateful to her commitment to holding me to high standards and because of her, I can say that I am proud of the final product.

I can recommend Margot in any endeavor that she undertakes; she will do her best, she is intellectually smart and street savvy as well, and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Betty Shotton, author of Liftoff Leadership, CEO, Liftoff Leadership, LLC

"Working with Margot on my book was something of revelation. She skillfully helped me recognize necessary changes both large and small, in part because of her talent for holding the big picture while focusing on detail. Working with her was a true pleasure. Her considerable gifts as a publisher and editor, in my opinion, are beyond dispute."

Cleve Stevens, author of The Best in Us

“I worked with Margot Atwell as an editor on my two memoirs, Becoming Odyssa and Called Again. Allowing someone to edit your manuscript, especially when it is a personal story, can be a very trying and sensitive matter. I cannot imagine having a better partner in this process than Margot. She never detracted from my character or my themes, but instead helped my voice and my message to become more clear. The only time she tried to change me, was when--with patience, encouragement, and constructive criticism--she crafted me into a better writer. 

For Called Again, Margot also served as my publisher. In her role as an editor and publisher, Margot was always professional and accountable. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed working with anyone more than Margot Atwell.”

Jennifer Pharr Davis, author of Becoming Odyssa and Called Again

Appalachian Trail Overall Record-Holder